We are developing a universal complementary money system and innovative financial solutions for investment and business transaction. 

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A universal complementary  money system  

BlueSphere is TREEEC's intelligent transaction and management platform and the technical foundation to transform the existing profit- and growth-driven economy into a value-driven, sustainable and future-proof ecosystem with a value-creating currency.


The value-based and sustainable complementary  money system  

BlueMoney is not just an alternative cryptocurrency, but a universal and value-based complementary currency system. Without interest and speculation. However, it is not just money, but the basis for a complex new economic system based on value, sustainability, responsibility and fairness.

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Equity for  BlueCompanies

BlueShares are the new "world shares" with which corporations of (almost) any type and size worldwide can raise and finance equity. As a financing instrument in conjunction with TREEEC, BlueShares are traded on the international BlueXchange.   

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Smart  transaction processing

The Comitation business is an another way for smart transactions and settlement forms to take place. It is a business processing and financing model for production and commodity transactions. Companies in (almost) all countries can do business with each other, irrespective of their credit ratings, availability of liquidity and access to the foreign exchange market.


Smart  business development

Recepartation was developed by TREEEC to enable business partners worldwide to use plants, business equipment and means of transport economically and to integrate them cooperatively into lead project areas, even if they do not yet have the necessary know-how, the necessary investment funds and existing customers and sales channels.


The "blue" investment 
Value-based. Sustainable. Future-proof.

We invest in "blue" companies and a "blue" economic system based on stable alternative money and linked to innovative "blue" projects.

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