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Organisation - TREEEC

The organizational structure of TREEEC

Integrative and synergetic connected areas and units

The initiative of TREEEC WORLD PROJECT was based on a sponsoring foundation, whose private interests were aligned with a higher purpose right from the onset. TREEEC is a system that adheres to sound principles, and at the same time strives for standards of high performance and profitability. This applies even to the areas that seem to be of cost to TREEEC’s platform, but at the same time belong to its valuation.

The initiators as well as all of those whom take participation in TREEEC, should and will benefit from this system. The organizational structure of TREEEC is designed to disallow the platform to become a playing field of private interests, or abused as a profit-generating machine. The “Flying Unicorn”, as per remarked in a previous statement, has not been born yet. However, it is in the making to give birth to the concept of an economy worth living. A dream economy where you can measure wealth and assets in value, and not money.

The fact that integrated member companies (including strategic partners, investors, and private members) will derive wealth and valuable benefits, does not erode the fact that TREEEC businesses will not do so. All of the parties involved will profit from TREEEC’s vision of high performance and profitability.  

The newly created values and profits flow back into the system and the development and maintenance of economic structures, which are to benefit all those who participate in TREEEC, except for a relatively small but nevertheless absolutely considerable share for the foundation and a small share for the initiators.

The organizational structure is engineered in such a way that TREEEC can accept an unlimited number of members, active or inactive, in each country and region around the world. TREEEC considers itself a far-reaching cooperative that can exert more influence than states and supranational authorities.

TREEEC WORLD PROJECT has been divided into integrative, synergetic and organizational areas with their respective independent legal units.

The highest level of these areas is conformed by the initiators’ foundation along with the operational foundation, and the cooperative. On the other hand, there is the commercial society that is comprised of three subsidiaries in order to complement the Active Partners on different levels.

1The core team controls and coordinates.

The goals of the foundation are above private interests.

The people who make up the core team can have individual interests with the sponsor foundation, but those interests must be connected to the higher goals of the foundation. The initiators have been there from the beginning, but others have joined in this trajectory. Other people with suitable values who identify with the purposes of the foundation, can be invited to join the core team.

The number of members of the core team is limited to 9 people, three of which are primarily key leadership roles.

The following persons are currently members of the core team.

Eugenia Montiel Aceti

The Changemakerin

Tai Kriegeskotte

The idea generator, innovator and visionary thinker of TREEEC

Johan Obdola

Initiator, Government Advisor and International Security Expert

2The KTP Initiative Foundation

TREEEC WORLD PROJECT was initiated, developed and implemented by the KTP Foundation. It also connects the people who make up the core team.

This foundation allows room for members to have economic interests, indirect or direct, as owners of shares of TREEEC Corporation, in TREEEC’s Certified, Managed and Licensed. This foundation holds rights in relation to TREEEC, and has decisive influence regarding the following: the selection of TREEEC’s board members, the sponsoring foundation and its control function.

3The operational TREEEC Foundation

Similar to the function of a central bank, the operative executing foundation exercises management and control in direct cooperation with the economic executing company. This ensures that the recoverability of TREEEC MONEY is always at least 100 percent covered by the recoverability of the company and that the assets from investments and other real values correspond to it.

The conditions for the provision of TREEEC credits to the users and partners within TREEEC WORLD PROJECT against corresponding values are also determined according to the requirements, the circulating quantity of TREEEC MONEY is controlled and the trading platform for it is monitored.

4The cooperative and the community

Only a member of TREEEC can use TREEEC MONEY (TRM) as a company, organization or private person and make use of system services.

The members are united in the TREEEC eG, a cooperative, which is in close connection with the initiative foundation and forms a foundation organ of a special kind.

The members form a closed circle of users and legally some can only be connected to TREEEC MONEY (TRM) and its system’s achievements.

5The TREEEC Corporation

This company is the economic carrier of the TREEEC system. It has its registered office in the USA and is therefore structured according to US-American law.

Shares of TREEEC Corporation form the basis for TREEEC MONEY (TRM), and there are three categories of shares in total: voting “initiator shares”, non-voting investment shares and the largest class of “system shares” for TREEEC MONEY (TRM).

The company itself has no operational business operations, but has holding and administrative functions. The operational tasks for operating the system are outsourced to three wholly-owned subsidiaries, which have the necessary approvals and licenses in their business areas.

6The Subsidiaries


The Company is an investment company under U.S. law with the relevant approvals. In this central system area, the substantial creation of money takes place against shares in system partner companies and against other real values.

TREEEC INVEST Inc., abbreviated T:INVEST, implements TREEEC’s investment guidelines for equity and real value financing. It is an unconditional prerequisite that substantial values are available and new ones are created. This also applies to investments in companies owned by the system.

The involvement and real benefits are administered in this section.