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T: BIZCOM is the Economic Community for Companies.

The advantages for business partners are unbeatable.

The European Union, NAFTA, ASEAN or Mercosur are more or less close economic communities that cohabit at a supranational level, and make business easier. Association agreements exist within these communities as well as within other communities and countries. Indeed, this is quite a positive approach to do business. 

Nonetheless, having these frameworks in place does not mean that every company can do business easily. Every company has its own business activities, some have operations in different countries and the reality is that conditions vary from place to place. In some countries, access to business financing can be difficult or even quite impossible to get. Amongst other challenges, we find worth noting: restricted access to functional export insurance programs, lack of foreign exchange rates for companies to run operations, absence of a business partner or support in the midst of an economic challenging and destabilizing structure, amid several other circumstances. These situations can create levels of chaos that pave the way for illegal activities to flourish; to the detriment of business and trade as a whole, this generates a negative impact on the bottom-line: people.

Even when it is not just about delivering goods, how are you dealing with such challenges? For example, how do you keep a plant operating under the above-mentioned conditions? How do you go about entering the market as a branch, subsidiary or joint venture under such distress? These cases can pose problems in a region where business is mainly done with certain types of companies, or in neighboring countries where it is not possible to find financial resources to purchase raw materials. Not only that, but what about the customer not having enough creditworthiness?

1TREEEC makes business easy and even more comfortable in practice.

Anyone who thinks that these problems only affect small companies is mistaken. For example, industrial titans have to face tenacious competition while avoiding legal difficulties. On one hand, they have to finance and secure export guarantees while a contractor, that is also capable of doing so, is not tied to guarantees.

To solve such hassles, there are companies and members that are Business Partners at TREEEC who integrate the Economic Community T: BIZCOM. These partners range from sole proprietorships, start-ups, and medium-sized businesses up to large companies. Each one of them has a meaningful place and can play a vital role, or only take part in facilitating operations/related services. T: BIZCOM is conducted within a clearly defined legal framework with the use of innovative instruments for financing, business transactions and more profitable activities that take place in conjunction with TREEEC MONEY and T: XCHANGE, which is the settlement and billing platform.

TREEEC is open to all companies, and from (almost) all industries no matter where they are located. However, TREEEC is not obliged to accept anyone who does not respect its principles, particularly those associated with sustainability and business ethics. TREEEC also comes in to help when economic structures have fallen in countries and when companies need to be rebuilt; assistance is needed in terms of developing and bringing together appropriate partners.

For example:

Receiving equity capital.

Businesses need a reliable financial partner by their side to help them grow financially. This growth includes investments, company size, among other elements. When you look at the possibilities, TREEEC uses healthy, sustainable and pre-programmed development in new markets.

T: INVEST is a separate section of TREEEC’s community and financial system. The substantial creation and supply of money that takes place in the current fiat-based system goes against the approach and engagement that businesses take in the market, regarding their shares as well as with other organized real assets. T: INVEST uses the investment guidelines of TREEEC for equity and real value financing. This premise is non-negotiable which means that substantial value does ​​exist, and that it must be created based on these principles. 

For example :

Receiving orders and financing business.

T: INTERTRADE possesses the extended functionality of a trading house, but finds itself as being independent for a practical handling of commercial transactions as well as investment projects that are based on material assets. In addition, it goes hand in hand with TREEEC’s own model of the comitation and the comitation business. Besides that, T: INTERTRADE coordinates the procurement and commissioning of orders; it takes over the recovery and procurement management of them.