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The Availability of TRM - TREEEC

The Availability of TREEEC MONEY

In the case where everything is suddenly gone or never existed.

TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is a currency that, as crypto-money, will become the currency of choice on the internet. It will be the new electronic way of data transmission and processing as well as the most convenient form of cashless electronic payments. TREEEC MONEY (TRM) works in a peer-to-peer connection network and even offline. In other words, the Internet can shut down for a short period of time or completely collapse and TREEEC MONEY (TRM) will overcome these barriers given its optimized secured system.

In the case of a power outage, what would a bank customer do if he/she cannot withdraw cash for several days? What if he/she cannot access any credit card funds to make a payment? Nowadays, even in developed and growing economies such as the USA or China, ordinary citizens hold no real value for the money they earn on FIAT currencies given that those have no special cash reserves. Nonetheless, cashless payments have become the norm and banks have become entirely dependent on information technology (IT) systems to run their platforms. What if everything is suddenly gone?

1The only working currency in times of crisis and disaster

In times of overwhelming emergencies and disasters where conventional currencies cannot endure challenges, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is the sole currency that remains valuable and usable. With the use of TREEEC MONEY (TRM), users can neither barter at a loss nor buy overpriced goods or services in the black market.

At present time, there are countries with almost worthless local currencies and non-existent foreign exchange rates as a result. The case for TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is that it becomes indispensable for the functioning of those societies. Probably, these societies may still enjoy a certain degree of connection to the Internet, but the majority of the population does not. The case may be that there is not even equipment to access the Internet, but online satellite communications can provide the infrastructure for TREEEC MONEY (TRM) to function. There, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) works the way it does, and as explained above, can be used in times of crises and disasters where countries are unexpectedly affected by prolonged power or Internet failures.

2Meaningful solutions

The following aspects of TREEEC play a pivotal role in providing paramount solutions to everyone, including failed, developing and developed countries, as well as organizations and individuals. Such elements include its organizational structure, and its technical structure for billing and payments that clear and maintain all transactions. TREEEC has not just started; it is the foundation of a truly representative value-based currency that preserves its worth and usefulness even in the worst scenarios.

Every TREEEC user becomes the holder of a T: CARD. This multifunctional membership card allows for account backups, money transfers and payments. On each card, the current account balance of TREEEC MONEY units will be on every online account login or shown at TREEEC transfer points. When using the T: CARD to make payments, those can also be done offline or as transfers and both will go through. In order to do so, a T: PHONE for payers and payees is required; this can be either a modular mobile phone from TREEEC or a special adapter for a standard smartphone in its simplest version.

If a transfer or payment needs to be done at one of TREEEC’s offices, a T: BOX will be available to run the transactions. It can process them online or offline in a secure way. The T: BOX will document every TREEEC MONEY TRANSFER of the units from one T: CARD to another.

If there is an online peer-to-peer connection taking place in the network and an emergency unpredictably hits even a remote area, a satellite will simultaneously synchronize both accounts. In the case that a satellite fails, the data will be transmitted once a day from a mobile detection unit run by the national TREEEC TRUST HOUSE where the transactions will be read, tested and finally documented.

The TRUST HOUSES, which are the facilities within TREEEC, encompass registration offices in the peer-to-peer network, contact points for billing, as well as money transfers. They are the organizational component of the system comprised of national companies; however, at the same time, the TRUST HOUSES are under control and auditing authority of TREEEC’s central company system that is responsible for the T: XCHANGE platform. For us, safety plays an important role.

3Safety for payments and transfers

With the infrastructure and the Internet in place, payments are done at the Points of Sale (POS) with the T: CARD via T: BOX or a T: PHONE. It is important to remember that if the user does not hold a T: PHONE, there is the option of having an adapter to a smartphone which will request the user to use a five-digit PIN CODE for security reasons.

Online payment transactions via computers or mobile devices will request a login including the member’s account number and a five-digit PIN CODE. It does not matter if the user is accessing his/her account through a T: PHONE or computer; he/she must follow other identification steps. The feature related to secure member identification has been uniquely developed by TREEEC.

The safe performance of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is also arranged and guaranteed in an offline modality. For offline payments and transfers, the T: CARD constitutes the identification method whereby the user enters a required five-digit PIN.

With the help of the T:BOX and when transferring from smartphone to smartphone, encrypted data is read on the T:CARD, which is decoded by the receiver, in this case the T:BOX or the T:PHONE or the adapter to the smartphone. This ensures the unique identification of the cardholder and the PIN can be verified. In case of doubt, this can also be verified via the nearest available TRUST HOUSE – even if the Internet does not exist or fails. The exact function of the security and identification system is a trade secret.

TREEEC intends to rapidly build more structures in order to get the system up and running so that it can be equipped to deal with emergencies and crises worldwide. TREEEC is ready to act upon the collapse of conventional currencies, as well as prepared to deal with crises and disasters worldwide so that it can have a transformative impact on societies. However, only members and partners of TREEEC will benefit from it.